Tuesday, April 25, 2017

As I walked alone!

It was 6 passed few minutes in the evening. I was all screwed up with an assignment, so I might as well take a walk for the mind and get something to eat.

Sun was holding no authority anymore. Roads were lit up by the monstrous parade of vehicles. It was the end of the war, at least for the day.


Yet, people were everywhere!

People of every kind. People of my age,below and elder. There were married people, singles, couples, divorcees and God Knows may be much more complicated people. 

I wonder...Where am I on this!?!


And I continue to walk...

People who takes the bus, some to boarding places like me. Some might not. People with cars. People with luxury cars. People who deliver pizzas. People who walk. And the Tuks. OMG! They are all after war but nobody understands them!

Here I am at the small restaurant..with Rs. 80 on hand.

...and the people who lines up the restaurant ques because they cant be bothered to cook proper food they like better. 

And I walk back...

People who sold their smiles just to wear the office tag around their necks after office. People who crosses street like "Somebody please run over me". 

"Who are you among these? Who are you to judge all these people? Aren't you gonna join them soon? " - small voice mumbles upon my head. 

The Temple Tree!!

And I finally see the temple tree. All full of white and Green. Flowers filled the small pebble road. The Supreme bliss! Back to the boarding place.

" Everything will be alright TOMORROW!! "