About me - මං ගැන

-Yeah, This is me on top of south Asia's largest pink quartz mountain-
I'm Sachee...well I don't know what to write on this tab yet. I'm on a self discovery. I walk. I've done so many mistakes in life, took so many wrong turns and this is where I finally arrived. Something I finally like doing in life. I helps me understand myself, people, cultures and top of all LIFE. So yeah! That's the start of "SacheeWalks".

I'll just state some points which will sum up most of me.

FOOD - If I'm to define true love. well here you are! FOOD and ME.
But while I'm traveling, I don't pay much attention to it. Because I'm always on a budget. Most of the time it will be just 2 meals per day with something like biscuits, chocolates and banana's with water during the day time. One might say why are you suffering like this and like I always say. Just come one with me and see. You'll see.

- Corn on the way with a child we met on the way -

MUSIC - This is really important to me, because if I go 2 days without listening to a song, It would drive me insane. and also It really helps me wander in  my own world while I'm on my travels.
Paradise by ColdPlay is well Just perfect. You will eventually figure it out why.

PEOPLE - One could say, People are like this and that and it's better to stay away. But I've learnt from my travels that they are the best thing you earn from your travels. I got a phone full of random contacts I met on the road, Locals. Talking to them about folklores, history, places to visit and their lifestyles of course make me feel so alive. You can't describe that feeling. Go explore it. After all "It's better to see something once than to hear about it thousand times". Talking about quotes, Big fan. You can see the following in my Facebook profile adding randomly when I find them here and there.

-Few favorite quotes-

So yeah well I think that few things describes me enough. If one day when you feel like giving up on everything and just travel, I will the person you wanna talk to. I will help anyone who is passionate about traveling and who got the heart to do this. Because when I started, I had no one. I made friends when I finally took the turn. So I know what you feeling right now. Life is just awesome, You just have to take your moment and make it happen as you want. It's all about you pal. Live your moments!
                                                                 - Sachee -